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Binance Chain Mainnet hardfork for Nightingale update

Binance Chain will be doing a hard fork at block height 99,550,000 to do the Nightingale update. This is expected to be around 9th July 2020 at 5AM UTC. Binance Chain Mainnet Nightingale upgrade will bring support for new BEP8 mini tokens with low issue and list fees. Direct pathway to for BEP2 / BUSD DEX (decentralized exchange) listing will go live with this update.

Binance Chain Mainnet Nightingale

Huobi Exchange Review – Fake Volume much?

Huobi Exchange Review

When one trades on an exchange, he/she puts faith in it. Huobi claims to be one of the very few trustworthy exchanges out there. It has stood the test of time and has been functioning non-stop since 2013. Trillions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies has been traded on Huobi so far and right now, it accounts for ~50 percent of total global trading volume.