MITH delisted by Binance exchange, asks to return 200,000 BNB deposit

Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced on their website that they will be delisting MITH. While the Mithiril developers are not complaining about that, they are asking the crypto exchange to return their deposit which was whopping 200,000 BNB. This BNB, according to the MITH developers would help Mithril to operate in coming future. 

mithril mith delisted

For those who do not remember, MITH was the first token be listed on BNB’s Beacon Chain. The team also donated 20,000 BNB to Binance Charity and even collaborated with Binance exchange for myriad partnership and informal requests. 

It shall be noted that when Binance listed Mithril in 2018, BNB’s token price was not high as today and returning those 200,000 BNB will put a lot of sell pressure. Also, it would make sense for Binance to return equivalent amount in dollars, not in BNB tokens. 

Some twitter users are saying that the Mithril project has been dead from past two years and they have not tweeted even one since last year’s January. Yet, they have the atrocity to ask for money back after delisting. 

Another very funny thing to notice is that Mithril’s official website is offline. They needed only $20 to renew that domain and a cheap shared hosting to keep that website alive.