Multiple liquidity pools removed from Raydium crypto exchange

Raydium, a decentralized exchange operating on Solana protocol is under trouble. It appears that an account on Solana is draining multiple liquidity pools on that very DEX. 

Raydium crypto exchange

This Solana account previously received 1000s of Solana coins in last two hours. Users are requested to withdraw any liquidity on Raydium until we hear from their developers.

Whopping one million dollar worth of SOL has been drained so far, including over six figures of SPL tokens. SPL tokens are the tokens running on Solana protocol. Account doing this has this address. 


Also, the corresponding address on the Ethereum blockchain is funded by Tornado, a cryptocurrency mixing service to keep anonymity of funds. 

How is the liquidity being drained, if you may ask? The exploiter is using admin wallet as a signer without burning LP tokens. This has been confirmed by PRISM developers who have already removed liquidity for PRISM/USDC pair from Raydium cryptocurrency exchange. 

To remove liquidity from Solana’s Raydium exchange, follow the steps shown in this video.