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Ledger Database leak: customers getting phone calls asking to KYC

ledger database leak hack

Hacker who stole entire Ledger database containing personal information of buyers like their real name, mail address and phone number has put the entire Ledger database on a forum called raidforums. This puts all of the Ledger Nano S and Nano X hardware wallet buyers at risk as they will now be getting lot of spam and phishing emails asking for secret phrase.


8 Famous Types of Cryptocurrencies

What is Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptographic money is virtual cash that utilizes a computerized record as cash. These records are generally made through cryptography, concealing the data framework, and advanced mark defends the crypto exchange. The prior a few kinds of digital forms of money seemed to break the commitment of the official monetary standards. 

Types of Cryptocurrencies

TabTrader for Windows PC to be released soon

Download TabTrader for Windows PC - Tab Trader desktop app

Popular price tracking and charting app, TabTrader has tweeted that its developers are working on a standalone PC version. This news was released when Bitcoin crossed 15,000 dollars mark. We hope to see a beta version of this windows version before it is available to the public. TabTrader is already available for iOS and Android. It allows traders to chart their favorite altcoins on the move.