TenX Visa Card for free in month of April

TenX Visa Card free

TenX team has announced on twitter that users in countries where cards are live can get their TenX Visa Card for free. All you have to do is use their free card code TENXAPRIL in the TenX’s official app.

In these crazy times, TenX hopes the ability to pay through contactless methods and using crypto brings you new options and security. Using the TenX’s card, you will be able to make contactless payments in countries where card is already live.

However, some users are not happy with their decision, especially the ones that have paid and waited for three years.

Thomas on twitter said, “I paid and wait 3 years and now it’s for free.”

Another user, offordelete said, “The ICO was 3 years ago. Nothing happened with $PAY. To release cards at a couple of places you needed 2 years while others were really doing something.”

Others are complaining that they paid for a crypto card that never worked. Bigfloater74 said, “I gave you guys my money to get a service which you never delivered! What did I pay for?”

TenX team gave a frustrating ‘marketing’ answer. “I know that it is very frustrating that we cannot offer our services in specific countries, and in other countries we are already moving forward. Depending on the country and region we are making different progress and need different licenses and requirements. ”

Clearly, TenX team has failed in delivering on their promises despite raising millions of dollars. Their Ethereum-based token, PAY, has been in free fall and they did nothing to protect their investors. Their ex-CEO, Julian dumped on the people and did an exit scam.