TenX app now lets you buy Bitcoin in Europe

TenX team has announced that it is now possible to buy Bitcoin within the TenX app to all users in Europe (EEA).

TenX app Bitcoin Europe

Anyone living in Europe can buy Bitcoin by following few simple steps in TenX app. Bitcoin is sent immediately in your wallet that is safeguarded by multi-signature storage and advanced security.

TenX Visa card is also set to be launched in Europe in coming months. Once that is available, you will be able to spend your bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies in Europe. This will be a hassle-free solution and no unnecessary transfers are required from your end to make this work.

Users in Singapore and few other places are already able to enjoy full suite of TenX services, including the ability to spend cryptocurrency funds using their TenX Visa card.

TenX team has been blamed for being extremely slow in rolling out the Visa cards. Many around the world still have not received card which they paid for way back in 2017.

However, anyone is free to ask to get their funds back. Just get in touch with the TenX support team and they will you your funds back.

TenX’s token, PAY, is deployed in Ethereum network. Since 2017, it has taken a strong nosedive in terms of value as it has no utility.