Mr312 SIM swapper in prison

Scammer who SIM swapped Mr312, and stealing ~$70000 crypto that included $68700 APE and 1500 ENS tokens on 6th August 2022 has been sentenced to whopping 8y prison time and told to pay $1.2-million in restitution. 

sim swap

According to ZachXBT, most popular cryptocurrency detective, this is definitely the same person who swapped SIM of Mr312. In total, Zach says the thief has stolen $386,000 worth of cryptocurrencies and very expensive Bored Ape Yatch Club NFT. 

BAYC 9012, which he stole was sold for $130,000 exactly 481 days ago. In total, he made over 740,000 dollars in a span of 4-years. 

So, how do we know that it was the same person in both cases? Well, the Justice Department webpage says that the defendant sold the NFT for $130k on NFT marketplace. Well, call it is a coincidence but the Mr312’s SIM scammer also sold the bored ape yatch club for the very same amount. 

SIM swapper executed myriad online schemes to fraud victims by various online scams and unauthorized intrusions into victims’ social media accounts and committed multiple Zelle payment frauds.