Crypto King apologizing to investors after being kidnapped

Aiden Pleterski, also known as Crypto King on twitter, was seen apologizing to investors while being in a heavily beaten up state. Aiden too money from his investors and spent it on cars and yachts.

Crypto King scammer

He said in video,

everything that happened is my fault. I am not going to put the blame on anybody else. I feel humiliated and disgusted. All these guys that I owed the money – I am going to do what I can to make it right and I will call each and every one of your individually.

Honestly, it is hard to feel bad for the scammers and this needs to happen to many more of these frauds.

So, who would be next on the list? We see a nice and long listing forming. When you are playing around and stealing people’s money, it is just a matter of time before someone finds you. All scammers deserve a beating and money stolen from investors given back.

But will money be refunded? We honestly do not think that will happen. He is first of many crypto scammers and list is going to be long but he is not going to return money that he has already spent on luxury goods.