Justin Sun takes shots at Vitalik Buterin

Justin Sun

Justin Sun, Founder of Tron, CEO of Steemit and Bittorrent took direct shots at Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder of Ethereum saying that in future, Ethereum Classic would overtake Ethereum.

Steem ecosystem was overtaken by Justin Sun. Hive is a forked version of Steem that is supported by older supporters. These supporters include people who are not happy by the hostile takeover by Justin Sun.

Justin Sun tweeted,

I am watching closely if Ethereum Classic overtakes Ethereum. It would be a strong demonstration that decentralization and immutable quality of the blockchain really matters.

He tweeted that as reply to following tweet by Vitalik.

Interestingly, Ethereum forked from Ethereum Classic back in 2016. The ETH-ETC fork was about the ETH community against a scammer. However, we can understand why Vitalik is tweeting about Hive and Steem.