Tron Visa Card is now available– adds support for TRX

TRON is now available on the SpendApp which can be used on Spend Visa card. With the app, you will be able to buy or sell TRX with your bank account or you can exchange TRX with supported assets. Using this Tron Visa card, you can spend TRX at 40+ million locations with the Spend Wallet by instantly converting to fiat with the Spend Visa Card.

tron visa card

Where to get this Tron Visa card?

Head on over to the iOS or Android app store and download the Spend App today.  If you reside within the United States, you can order a Spend Visa Card through the app as well.

Spend app supports Tron plus 16 other cryptocurrencies. The card is also being shipped in United States.

There are three cards to choose from –

* Spend Simple with daily limit of $500
* Spend Preferred with $5000 daily limit
* Spend Black with $10000/day limit.

Here are features of Spend Simple.

Card Security Features
Virtual & Physical Card
24/7 Support
0.2% Card Rewards Back
0.3% Wallet Rewards Back

The Spend Preferred gives you 1% Card /wallet Rewards back and access to Spend VIP.

Spend Black gives you 3% card rewards and 2% wallet rewards back. And it also gets you limited edition Metal black card.