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The Top Reliable Ways to Store Your Bitcoin

Folks who intend to own bitcoin now or in the future must find somewhere to store them, and the place where bitcoin is stored is called a wallet. Folks should know that the wallet does not hold their bitcoin but holds the private key that enables them to access the address of the bitcoin.

how to store bitcoin
(more…) Wallet v6.5.0 adds custom BTC fee wallet has been updated to v6.5.0 and that brings myriad new features such as custom BTC fee that allows users to change default fee charges. If you want to have the transaction processed quickly, you can input higher fees or if you don’t mind waiting many hours, you can reduce the fees.

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Bitmain Luyao LIU arrested by Beijing police

Today at China time ~3:30PM, Jihan Whu’s good friend and former legal representative of Bitmain Luyao LIU was arrested by Beijing police. In the morning, Micree was at the Industry and Commerce Bureau of Beijing office, to get his Beijing Bitmain corp license. Jihan Whu is leading supporter of first major Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitmain Luyao LIU