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President Biden to sign executive order on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

biden bitcoin executive order

US President Biden will soon be signing an executive order that will have direct effect on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and CBDCs. Keep in mind that no direct action will be taken from this order as it only lays out a process and series of deadlines for an interagency team to write framework around digital assets in 6 different, broad, categories. There are six categories of ‘objectives’ set out by the executive order.


Canadian government sends notice to Nunchun to freeze bitcoin wallets and gets owned instead

Canadian government nunchun

Nunchun, a self-custodial and multi-sig bitcoin wallet received an email from Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice to freeze users’ assets and prevent them from being moved. Canadian government wants its citizens to stop moving their funds to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The government has already frozen bank accounts of those who are going against them.