Mt Gox refund date postponed yet again

If you suffered from the Mt Gox fiasco back in 2013 and were expecting refund on October 31st 2023, well, we have bad news for you. This date has been postponed by an year and pushed to October 31st 2024. This was done by Mt Gox Rehabilitation Trustee.

Mt Gox refund date

The Trustee has taken permission from Tokyo District Court. That said, repayments for the rehabilitation creditors will be made in sequence as early as end of this year. This, too can change depending on the circumstances and specific timing of repayments to each creditor has not yet been determined.

Some twitter users smell that Kobayashi, the rehabilitation trustee, has simply gambled away on Bitmex during the bear period. So, many think that these Mt Gox funds have already been dumped and never coming back.

One user said Mt Gox could start the repayments to those who have already sent in the right documents and have been verified. He says it could mean that the payments would start on October 31st 2023 and would last till October 2024.

In other words, “blah blah blah, we do not want to give your money back to you.”

For those wondering, Mt Gox holds or held 142,000 BTC, 143k BCH and whopping 69B yen.