Buy Bitcoin in Austria at 1800 post offices with Bitpanda

Bitpanda, a bitcoin exchange has partnered with Austrain post office to offer bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and dash at 1800 post office branches all over Austria. If you an Austrian, you will be able to buy the popular crypto currencies with euros at all the post office branches easily.

Buy Bitcoin in Austria

However, you can only buy in 50 EUR, 100 EUR and 500 EUR denominations. There are no plans to offer smaller amounts but we suspect this will change if the price of bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and dash increases in future.

With this, an average consumer will be easily able to buy crypto currency easily. Crypto coin exchanges are often intimidating to use for non-technical person and the new voucher system by bitpanda will let them make transactions easily and faster.

The company was founded in 2014 in Austria so they are well versed with the Austrian mindset. It is catering to more than 300,000 users and aiming for 200 million dollars in transaction volume with this new effort.

This will definitely make cryto currencies more mainstream and common than ever. It will also help cryptocurrency get rid of their shady image. What do this? Will this effort be successful? Will consumers like it?