Nano Wallet Company shutting down in February 2020

Nano Wallet Company

Nano wallet company wallets (NWC) is going to be shut down on February 10 2020. There are many Nano wallets out there and Nano wallet company admits they are superior to NWC wallets that are available for iPhone, Android and desktop. And that is the reason they will be shutting down services for their wallets in 2020.

Nano wallet company wallet did its job well and helped Nano to where it is today. However, there is going to be no Nano wallet company desktop variant in future and since there is no Natrium wallet for desktop, it will hurt a lot of users. These users will definitely have to switch to Exodus wallet. Exodus is available for iPhone, Android and desktop and it is also supports other cryptocurrencies as well.

To export key from your Nano wallet desktop wallet, go to Settings > Seed (eye icon) > copy it > move to other supported Nano wallet.

If you are using an iPhone or android version of Nano wallet company, open the app > settings gear icon > copy it and paste it in Natrium or other supported Nano wallet.

Make sure the seed works in supported Nano wallet before you delete Nano company wallet from your system.