Nano V12 released, fixes wallet issues


Nano cryptocurrency was having issues with wallets and many exchanges including binance had disabled Nano deposits and withdrawals. This issue has been solved in version 12. Exchanges will now be able resume deposits/withdrawals now.

Here is what the Nano team says about this,

Upon diagnoses, IO thread starvation was causing network disconnections, which led to forks failing to resolve properly. IO threads are supposed to only queue long IO operations and then wait for more work. Instead, it was waiting for a database write lock to be available, which while bootstrapping could be many seconds or longer depending on scheduling.



De-peer nodes < v11 since they don’t understand state blocks
For the time being, v11 nodes will act as a bridge between old peers and new peers
Prevent IO thread starvation
Improved fork resolution process
Priority queue for faster cleanup on rollbacks
Confirmation history tracking
Less log spam, various log cleanups and more accurate vote- and rollback logging
Answer with successor block on confirmation requests (#803)
Local work can be disabled if peers are down (#791)
Disallow account variations (#797)
Fixed deadlock when shutting down the node
Elections during bootstrap are more resilient (#810)

State block RPC improvements (#785)
Balance option for blocks_info (#794)
Work and signature added to raw account_history
Send callback contains actual amount (#796)