Dash official twitter account suspended

Twitter has suspended official Dash twitter account, dashpay for no good reason.

dash coin twitter suspended

Just last week, Churchs Chiken started paying its employees in dash, which further proves its legitimacy.

Twitter lately has been banning many cryptocurrency accounts like crazy. One user said that Twitter is banning everything has chance of disturbing bitcoin influence.

Dash is a fork of bitcoin with many added benefits. It has privacy built-in, DAO voting feature and much thinner circulating supply of around 10M dash coins.

Dash Core Group’s media and business relations manager, Mark Mason, is yet to tweet about this. Just yesterday, Mark tweeted about Dash’s exponential growth on social media, crossing whopping 400k followers. And since actual available supply is 6 million, this makes Dash very scarce.

We hope that Dash Pay official account is restored as that is the main account people look upto for latest developments about Dash.

One user actually exposes how bad this could be for dash since little marketing was being done to promote it. He further says that all similar projects will now become bigger while dash will shrink further more.