Elon Musk catfished into pumping Doge Coin

elon musk catfished

According to some proof gathered by twitter user, vexty, it appears that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and advocate of Dogecoin got catfished by someone called Mike who pretended to a woman on twitter. This is a pretty common sighting on social media where men pretend to be women, but it is shocking and surprising to see someone like Elon Musk, who might have got used to cat-fishing, fooled by some very attractive women.

elon musk catfished doge coin

While Elon Musk has always been a huge supporter of doge coin and bitcoin in past, things heated up pretty quickly when he started tweeting about dogecoin, a meme coin way too often, which resulted in huge price spikes. Doge coin went up from $0.0002 to $0.7 dollars in span of six months, delivering higher returns than any top cryptocurrency on coinmarketcap.

Vexty said in his twitter post, “things ramped up this winter and spring when several very attractive women were suddenly enthusiastic dogecoin supporters on Twitter.” He specifically mentioned of a twitter user, itsALLrisky with which Elon Musk interacted quite a lot, who pretended to be an attractive woman and encouraged Elon to pump dogecoin. And he did pump it.

Clearly, he seemed to enjoy interacting with itsALLrisky. Vexty then traced the profile photo. It was popular on Tumblr some time ago. It is the photo of a young model in Italy. He found the source photo on Instagram and funny enough, she never once mentions dogecoin on her hundreds of her instagram posts.

So, either this model started her twitter by following a bunch of random tech bros and dedicating herself to dogecoin. Or a bunch of random tech bros stole her popular tumblr photo and successfully catfished the richest man in the world into pumping dogecoin.

It should be noted that several more dogecoin pump accounts popped up within the same timeframe. Some of these are clearly related to each other. Some are not.

The person who claimed to be a woman has been referred to as Mike by several twitter users in his previous tweets.