Viacoin TOR servers are live: VialectrumX TOR servers add privacy to Viacoin transactions

via tor servers

Viacoin has added pair of Viacoin TOR servers for the Viaelecrum 3.x release. This service runs only on dedicated virtual machine and accessible only using TOR service. So you would not be able to access it on the clearnet. The VialectrumX servers do not log IP addresses or detailed session data, giving that extra bit of privacy. These servers are not visible if you are not running TOR.

You can download latest version of Viaelectrum from this link. At the time of writing of this article, it is available only for Linux operating system. Windows and Mac OS users will be released soon as well. The new Vialectrum also supports new Bech32 address format. Using this will be optional. The Bech32 is native SegWit address format.

This means that the transaction does not need additional space to place SegWit in the P2SH address and the protection against typing error is stronger.

Bech32 addresses are natively SegWit compatible, meaning the tx doesn’t need extra space to put SegWit in the P2SH address. It also has more advantages like smaller QR codes, stronger protection against typing errors, enables auto completion and only consisting of lower cases. edger hardware wallets will support SegWit compatible Bech32 addresses in their upcoming next-gen Chrome app.