VCC Exchange makes KYC mandatory for withdrawals

VCC Exchange kyc

VCC Exchange is a Vietnamese exchange that makes use of Bittrex exchange’s orderbooks and liquidity for better user experience.

What made VCC Exchange so interesting was the fact it there no need to do KYC despite being so closely associated with Bittrex. Bittrex, as we all know, requires mandatory KYC.

Now, VCC Exchange has also updated its terms and conditions where it has added you will need to full KYC to trade on the exchange.

After upgrading to version 3.0, in order to improve the experience and security for users, VCC Exchange has updated our personal identity (KYC) policy. Accordingly, in order to withdraw coins, users are required to conduct KYC process (identity verification). The change will be implemented on 10:00 (UTC Time) March 11 2020.

However, if you have already done KYC on the Bittrex, you can trade on VCC Exchange without need of doing KYC again.

More and more centralized exchanges have started asking for KYC. If you still wish to trade on a centralized exchange without KYC, we strongly recommend Poloniex. This exchange once used to have mandatory KYC, but removed this required after being acquired by Justin Sun, CEO of Tron coin.