Stex exchange implements mandatory KYC / AML

stex exchange

Stex cryptocurrency exchange, previously known as, has announced in email newsletter that it will be implementing mandatory KYC / AML on its website from January 1st 2019.

This means that you must do your verification on Stex otherwise you won’t be able to make withdrawals. Due to AML 5 since January 1, 2020 verification will be required for all the Customers. You can still use the Stex exchange platform without verification until December 31, 2019.

Do not delay verification till the last day, make it on time.

In other news, Stex added multi-currency wallets support (e.g. USDT Omni and ERC20). Changes were brought to public/currencies/*, profile/wallets/*, wallet addresses creation and related. They reflect the usage of protocol parameter to specify the options required to get deposit address or to create withdrawal request. 

They have also added S2S applications support. Many of their users were waiting for this feature. From now on in case you are developing non-interactive trade bot working on server-to-server approach you can get access token without the oAuth redirect flow.

They have also integrated BNB chain and support BEP-2 tokens, opened BNB/BTC trading pair. They’ve also started USDT based ERC-20 additionally to Omni layer support. This is a cheaper and faster solution for USDT transactions. Same feature will soon be implemented to improve rapidity and optimize expenses for Tron transactions.