Tron ERC20 token to mainnet transfer FAQ

tron erc20 mainnet

Tron aka TRX will be moving to mainnet. In this process, your Tron’s TRX tokens will be moved to Tron’s new mainnet. This swap will happen in month of June. For this, you will have to move your TRX ERC20 tokens to an exchange for migration. But what if you are not able to move them on time?

Tron foundation still has you covered as you will still wait for the regular migration but we suggest sending them to exchange for sake of safety. This also allows ordinary users to avoid risk of losing assets just for missing snapshot time in mapping snapshot mode.

The Tron mainnet will be released in second quarter of 2018 which is expected to bring significant technology improvements. Tron’s main goal at Q3 2018 is to fully support for applications from third party and provide them with stable and reliable system level support. This includes high performance pluggable smart contract virtual machine and optimized P2P network system. In the quarter four of 2018, Tron will be focusing on cross chain communication and privacy protection.

Tron mainnet will offer speeds more than ten thousand TPS which is much more than what it can offer while running on Ethereum blockchain.