StakeWithUs partners with Kyber Network

StakeWithUs has partnered with Kyber Network on their upcoming KyberDAO Katalyst upgrade. A smart contract proxy is being developed to enable trustless operations of voting pool for Pool Masters.

StakeWithUs partners with Kyber Network

* KNC holders will have a convenient way to stake KNC and claim ETH rewards
* A smart contract proxy will be developed to enable the trustless operation of a voting pool

Staking of Kyber Network Crystals (KNC), an Ethereum token, will be available on ATLAS end Q2 2020. This partnership with Kyber Network will bring greater flexibility where stakers can delegate KyberDAO voting power to us and earn rewards uniquely in Ethereum.

Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network said,

Kyber staking doesn’t require any minimum amount, lockups, or slashing. KyberDAO and the governance process were designed to empower our community while ensuring the security and stability of the network. Now with StakeWith.Us, KNC holders will possess even greater flexibility in participating in network governance

As soon as Kyber’s Katalyst goes live, StakeWithUs will be actively participating as pool master which means they will be taking part in their KyberDAO votes on behalf of delegators. Also, StakeWithUs will be self delegating alongside their stakers.

Kyber’s Katalyst Upgrade will be going live in the second quarter of 2020.