Nano Wallet shutting down in structured manner

After serving the Nano coin community for three years, folks at nano wallet have announced that they will be shutting down the Nano Wallet. This is going to be a planned, structured shutdown and users’ wallets won’t stop working all of a sudden.

nano wallet

Users are being encouraged to move to other supported Nano cryptocurrency wallets.

I personally use Natrium wallet but Nault wallet is gaining popularity fast too. To move to a different Nano wallet, all you need to do backup the seed. For that go into Security, enter your password and click on Show Seed. Copy this seed and paste it in Nault wallet. Follow the same steps if you are moving from Nano wallet to Natrium.

move from nano wallet to nault

Nano wallet developers are doing a phased shutdown as they want users to move their funds easily. They also say that they are likely to keep their representative up as they will be using the Nano node for their upcoming projects that require them to be using a dedicated Nano node.

nault wallet

But, they do say that users should at least move to their Nano representative to a different node.