Monero "Helium Hydra" wallet released

download Monero Helium Hydra wallet

Monero team has released and is a part of their mandatory 0.11 update. This major release increased minimum ring signature size to 5 across network and banned duplicate ring members in ring signature. Monero team has been hyper-active over the past few weeks in tweaking the most of it. These updates bring strength and confidence in the entire community. This new release brings myriad enhancements to Monero. Complete changelog is given below. Download links are given at bottom of this post.

fixed a bug where, in an edge case, the wallet wouldn’t see the first transaction to it
added an option to change wallet creation height and rescan wallet cache
changed the default required confirmations to 10
reworked testnet settings in the wizard
updated the Windows installer
made the privacy slider smoother
the password dialog box is now shown when making a transfer
added a Romanian translation

fixed an occasional sync failure that occurred when a transaction was already in the mempool
added an underflow check on low block heights
added a guard against a mined block not finding all the transactions in the mempool
fixed the transaction size estimator for transactions with a large number of inputs
fixed an LMDB issue on 32-bit systems
the get_tx_backlog RPC call was unrestricted
threads now guard against exceptions during transaction verification
fixed a crash that could occur when checking pre-validated transactions
various other bug fixes and improvements
Some highlights of the major release this is a part of are:

Added and updated translations
Smart mining enabled
Added ‘Rescanning Wallet Balance’ feature
Prep work for iOS and Android
displays view/spend keys when viewing Wallet seed on the Settings page
added a Vulnerability Response Process, with bug bounties available via a dedicated HackerOne portal
added easylogging option
added custom blockchain location setting on the Settings page
history now shows coinbase transactions
wallet creation height and log file paths are now shown on the Settings page
wallet will now only prompt for daemon auto start if the wallet is local
lots of prep work for more streamlined remote node integration
fixed 32 bit fonts
bug fixes and performance improvements

major synchronization speed-up from reducing bandwidth used
massively improved the blockchain import function
changed terminology from “mixin” to “ring size”
add a –fluffy-blocks option to relay blocks as fluffy blocks if possible
allow for password verification without loading the subsequently unencrypted wallet into RAM
reduced privacy leak risks when using untrusted remote nodes
added an Esperanto wordlist for mnemonic seed choices
decreased memory demands for the getblocks RPC call
added a “fee” command to display fee information
transfer CLI command warns if there’s a tx backlog for selected fee
add average seconds per block in bc_dyn_stats
added an on_get_alt_blocks_hashes RPC call
added an Italian translation for the CLI
return the per-tx amount in the transfer_split RPC call
switched to readline for the CLI
automatically switch to SAFE db-sync-mode once daemon catches up to network
added a histogram to poolstats
major speed-up for poolstats and coinbase_tx_sum
enable support for macOS smart mining
added the ability to build a Snap package
added a Vulnerability Response Process, with bug bounties available via a dedicated HackerOne portal
added support for payment proving via key derivation instead of tx key reveal
changed output selection for ring signatures to heavily weight newer outputs
added a sweep_below function to sweep small amounts
moved the mempool to a database on disk instead of keeping it all in memory
fully enable iOS and Android full node support
enabled support for ppc64le architectures
added the ability to create and open wallets via RPC
added ability to relay transactions manually after creating them
better AC / battery power detection for Linux smart mining
getblocktemplate now indicates the expected total reward
as always, loads of bug fixes and performance improvements