Bitcoin Gold ElectrumG wallet available for download: Electrum Wallet for BTG lets you send or receive Bitcoin Gold without download blockchain

electrum bitcoin gold wallet

ElectrumG Bitcoin Gold wallet is now available for download, which is basically an electrum wallet for the BTG. This allows the users to manage their funds without downloading Bitcoin Gold blockchain that runs into many gigabytes. So think of it like your typical android wallet but made for desktop – you don’t have to download blockchain – simply use seed or private keys to send funds.

The Bitcoin Gold has made it available for both Windows and Mac. This new wallet is compatible with the latest network update that was done last week.

In case you are still using the previous version of ElectrumG wallet, make sure to upgrade to this one in order to prevent loss of funds.

Last week, Bitcoin Gold network upgrade was done in order to prevent ASIC machines from mining on the network.

Some of the great features include invoices, multisig wallets, cold storage, and lot of advanced features for users and developers. It is very quick to load and lightweight. It also consumes a lot less storage space than the Bitcoin Gold core wallet that downloads entire blockchain. The ElectrumG wallet is supported Bitcoin Gold’s set of ElectrumX servers, hosted around the world.

The team has also hinted towards hardware wallet support for the next release.

Feature list:

* seed recovery phrases, a secure system which is more user-friendly than hexadecimal codes
* wallet encryption
* multi-signature wallets, for cases where control of funds needs to be distributed
* easy import of Bitcoin address or private keys
* cold storage – the ability to create and sign raw transactions offline and then broadcast
* invoicing functionality