Bittrex to freeze bitcoin withdrawals / deposits on August 1: Bittrex issues statement about Bitcoin Cash

bittrex bitcoin cash

Popular crypto exchange Bittrex has issued statement about Bitcoin Cash. The company says that Bittrex will be monitoring this situation closely on whether to include Bitcoin Cash trading on their network on not. It will be closing deposits and withdrawals of bitcoin 24 hours prior to BCC UAHF time on August 1st 12:20pm UTC. That being said, trading will remain active during this time.

In case of chain split, Bittrex will take all reasonable steps to ensure that customer funds can be preserved on both chains. It has made clear that there is no assurance if Bittrex will open trading of Bitcoin Cash on their portal.

Bitcoin Cash (BCC) will be performing User Activated Hard Fork from Bitcoin network. This includes code and consensus changes like SIGHASH_FORKID replay protection, support for 8 MB block sizes, modified difficulty adjustment and removed support for Segregated Witness.

In order to get Bitcoin Cash, you need to have private keys of your Bitcoin wallet which is not usually provided by exchange and most online wallets. Make sure to transfer bitcoin funds to wallets that gives you access to private keys to become eligible to get bitcoin cash. Use the same private key in bitcoin cash wallet to get same amount but in BCC.