Bitcoin Cash added to

bitcoin cash purseio, a website which lets you shop on Amazon on Bitcoin has added option for Bitcoin Cash. There was a rumor about Purse adding BCH support last year as well but looks like it took them some additional time to get it working.

So now the shoppers can pay for the Purse orders with Bitcoin Cash. In similar way, earners too can choose Bitcoin Cash as method of getting paid when they fulfil orders from the orderbook. is an excellent way to earn cryptocurrency by buying goods on amazon for others. With Bitcoin Cash support, users get cheaper fees and faster transfer.

The Purse also supports the new CashAddr BCH address format that avoids confusion with original BTC addresses. They start with q instead of 1. Legacy BCH address can still be used to deposit money into this address.

Roger Ver, who backs is huge supporter of Bitcoin Cash and many people saw this coming. He is also an investor on,, BitPay and Kraken.