Binance starts banning non verified US customers

Binance will be banning US users from trading on its exchange in month of September but it has already started sending non verified US users an email they will be left behind and won’t be allowed to trade on their exchange soon.

Binance USA

The email says,

Binance strives to operate in compliance with global legal requirements. As such, we regretfully cannot serve US persons in accordance with our terms of service.

Upon the conclusion of our account review on 3rd July 2019, only those verified as non US through a combination of documentary and non documentary evidence would enjoy full access to binance.

Your account has been identified as one showing US indicia and may be offboarded if our final review so determines.

If you are not a US person and would like to provide updated or corrected identity information, please use your current Binance account to submit a ticket, our customer service will assist you with the correction and ensure uninterrupted service.

Note, however, that Binance will review all identity evidence of your account to analyze its US nexus. We reserve the right to make any determination in our sole discretion.

Just keep in mind that non verified US users will still have access to their funds and can withdrawal, just not trade.