Accept Zcash on your blog using BitMate Author Donations wordpress plugin

BitMate Author Donations wordpress plugin

Bitmate Author Donations is a plugin for WordPress websites and its developer has added support for Zcash cryptocurrency in latest v2 version of the software. Zcash is one of the most popular privacy oriented cryptocurrencies and that lets you send or receive money without revealing anything. One really amazing thing about this plugin is fact it can run without Javascript on the front end and even on self hosted QR code generation. This means there is no reliance on the front-end services. Bitmate Author Donations also has support for other cryptocurrencies.

List of features in BitMate Author Donations wordpress plugin:

* Can be used in “Maximalist” Bitcoin only mode with classic styles or will adapt to a modern multi-currency display when you add other currencies.
* Sets Bitcoin label & message when using compatible installed wallets.
* Makes use of compatible URI formats where possible, for example BIP 21 for Bitcoin.
* Uses local and self-hosted fonts to avoid calling other servers.
* Works without Javascript enabled – although offers optimisations when it is!
* Makes use of open-source self-hosted QR code generator for increase privacy.

You can download Bitmate from here or you can simply search for Bitmate in wordpress’s plugin section.

A similar solution is already offered by folks at which allows you to accept payments on your blog or any online portal. Coinpayments is backed by a much bigger developer community and they offer plugins for wordpress, drupal, Magneto and even WooCommerce.