Stex Exchange enlists its achievements of 2019

Stex crypto exchange

Stex crypto exchange grew at astonishing rate in terms of popularity and volume. Recently, it sent out its list of achievements of 2019 to its users.

However, Stex cryptoexchange came into fire for forcing all of its users to do KYC. Under this, all users must give their personal information to trade on Stex Exchange which was previously known as

Here are Stex Exchange achievements, in its own words.


STEX team took part in two major European crypto events of 2019: Malta AIBC and CryptoFinConf to share our experience and find the best ways to provide our service.

Trading Competitions:

This year we held 12 trading competitions on the following cryptocurrencies:
Once again, congratulations to all the winners!
Yet more to come in 2020.

As you know, this Christmas we launched 0% Trading Fee activity for all of our traders.
It showed up you liked it a lot. So we’ve decided to provide you with more activities of such kind in 2020. Stay tuned!


We did our best to develop the platform and provide stable, secure and convenient service that meets the highest quality standards.
Therefore you are now able to use Cointracking and Koinly for your tax reports.
Also we have prepared everything for API v.2 client users to migrate to more stable and contemporary API v.3 client.

New features:

Also as we keep reminding you of necessity of your accounts verification, our team has accomplished a HUGE project to make this process as simple, quick and convenient, as it is legally possible for STEX traders.
Thus, we are proud to welcome you to use our new partners for instant verification: Fractal and Smart ID.

Coming soon:

We are happy to say that we are already running the final tests of accepting Visa/Mastercard for your deposits. This feature will become available in early 2020.