Qtum Wallet staking feature coming to mobile devices

Qtum mobile staking

Qtum team has confirmed on their twitter account that they are working to enable staking feature on mobile wallets. When enabled, it will allow you to earn stakes in form of Qtum coins by simply having Qtum in your mobile wallet.

Right now, it is not enabled. In the future, offline staking may provide this option.

Currently QTUM can only be mined using the Qtum Core wallet. By staking coins to secure and operate the network, staking wallets can win block rewards. To participate in Qtum staking:

• Download and install the Qtum Core wallet https://qtumeco.io/wallet
• Purchase some QTUM on an exchange and send to your wallet
• Let the QTUM mature for 500 confirmations (about 18 hours)
• Unlock the wallet for staking only, see the wallet tutorial https://docs.qtum.site/en/Qtum-Wallet-Tutorial

Qtum Proof of Stake wallets require minimal computer/CPU resources and can run on simple computers like a Raspberry Pi. Staking wallets should be running 24/7 to validate blocks, but if they go offline they do not lose maturity of their coins or lose past block rewards.