Online Vs. Traditional Gambling: Differences Matter in a Big Manner

Gambling as a sport evokes different interpretations in different countries. While some nations have made gambling legal, others continue to put it under the bracket of illegality. If we put aside the legal debate for a moment, gambling is fun and presents an interesting opportunity to bet on your favorite games and teams. And, if you get lucky, the earning opportunities are immense too. No surprise, the popularity of gambling across the globe is high, with more and more enthusiasts trying their luck in different domains.

Different Formats:

Depending upon the format, we primarily have two different options for gambling: traditional gambling where betting takes place in physical, land-based casinos and online gambling where betting happens in online casinos. While the former has been in existence for eons, the latter has risen to prominence only recently. Online Bitcoin casinos are climbing up the ladder of popularity very quickly; thanks to the aspects of internet connectivity and high security, people are latching to the prospects of online gambling.

Online Vs. Traditional Gambling:

Physical casinos are traditionally preferred as these not only present an opportunity to gamble, but also satisfy the social needs of the masses. However, one needs to travel to the place, and the process requires a substantial amount of effort, both physical and monetary. The advent of online gambling has simplified this process, and all you require is just a computer and internet connection to start with.

Both formats have their own merits and demerits, but going by the present time, online gambling is emerging as a more convenient and safer option than traditional gambling hosted by physical, land-based casinos. Apart from the convenience, we can differentiate online gambling from traditional gambling on several parameters, including the speed, money transfer, availability of seats, bonus options, and restrictions. Let us see in detail how traditional gambling is different from online gambling on each of these parameters.

1) Play Speed:

The speed of the play is faster in online gambling than traditional gambling. This can be a boon as well as a bane. In case you aim to maximize the profit, the high speed comes as a boon for you. However, if your motive is to conserve the money than the slower format, i.e., traditional gambling is more suitable for you. One specific advantage that online gambling provides is to allow users to place a lower bet than what is allowed in the traditional gambling. For example, the minimum bet in the traditional gambling starts from $5 while you can place a bet of even $1 in case of online gambling.

2) Money Transfer:

One of the primary reasons behind the preference of online gambling over traditional gambling is the convenience of money transfer. Online gambling has faster transactions, and it allows many options to deposit and withdraw money. In traditional gambling, you need to deposit money to the casino so that it can be converted into casino chips. These chips will convert into regular currency once you finish the game. All these processes take time, and overall, it is not a very convenient affair for gamblers.

Online gambling, on the other hand, is more flexible in accepting different payment methods, including credit card payments, bank wires, drafts, online wallets, etc. Further, many online casinos are accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Specifically, the option of accepting payments through cryptocurrencies has found immense favor with gamblers. As the transactions remain anonymous, online gamblers have less likelihood to get embroiled in legal complications.

3) Availability of Seats:

Physical, land-based casinos have limited seats, and many times, gamblers must wait for their turn to place a bet. This inconvenience was not considered a hard way, but now with everything becoming accessible at our fingertips, this wait factor could easily play a spoilsport.

Online gambling does not come with any such limitations as slots are always available. The software is designed in a manner that you start playing the game as soon as you log in to the site. The high competition in online space is also one of the contributing factors to this wide availability of slots.

4) Bonus Options:

In order to attract more players to their website, online gambling sites offer lucrative bonus options for players. Traditional gambling, on the other hand, relies more on the complimentary items and coupons to attract the crowd. Of course, you need to be careful while choosing the bonus offers given away by the online casinos, as there might be some stringent terms and conditions attached to it.

5) Restrictions:

In traditional gambling, the only restriction comes in the form of the age factor and depending upon the country, you need to be at least 18 or 21 years to play the betting game. However, laws and regulations related to online gambling are quite vague. While online gambling is banned in some nations, some have maintained a flexible approach with minor rules and regulations. Hence, you should check with your local laws before taking the plunge into online gambling.


It becomes evident from the above discussion that differences between online and traditional gambling are enormous. These differences can make a significant impact on the gambling industry, and the advancement in information technology. More specifically, cryptocurrency can change the landscape of the betting industry comprehensively in the future. Along with the other factors, the choice between online and traditional gambling also boils down to the motive behind the betting process.

However, it is crystal clear that online gambling has a definitive edge over traditional gambling, thanks to its high speed, faster payment processing, various promotional offers, and instant slot availability. The only aspect where it lags traditional gambling is on restrictions and statutory controls.