Nano Pay Chrome Extension available for download

nano pay

Nano team has released Nano Pay, the newest Google Chrome extension that allows users to quickly send NANO to addresses found within web pages, is now available on the Chrome Web Store.

If there is a Nano address found on the webpage, Nano Pay will find and list it. You can then enter the amount you want to pay and Nano Pay will automatically convert and display price of Nano amount in BTC, USD or EUR.

And since Nano is the fastest cryptocurrency and requires only a single confirmation, the money is transferred almost instantly. This makes it better than something like Bitcoin for transferring money or tipping website owners.

The extension is just 143kb in download size and can be downloaded from here.

Nano Pay must not be confused with Nano Tip bot that allows users to tip twitter users only.

So how does Nano Pay chrome extension work?

nano pay address

When you want to tip or send someone Nano, tip on the Nano Pay’s extension and it will list you all the Nano addresses shown on the webpage. Then, click on the address and you will be shown a QR code and now, you can use Nano mobile wallet like Natrium, desktop or web wallet to send Nano.