Metamask will collect IP addresses, triggers concerns

Metamask has announced that it will soon start collecting users’ IP addresses. It is probably required for future KYC / AML compliance. Let us enjoy the ride towards regulations, I do not know if that is good or bad, but it is probably inevitable. addresses.


If a given user needs to be blacklisted because of criminal activity, or restrict their services based on location if a jurisdiction enforces it, then collecting IP addresses could be the right step. CEXs already do KYC, how would that work on non-custodial products? IPs seem like the first step.

So, should one leave cryptocurrency world because of this? Well, this could trigger users to move to wallets that do not collect user’s data or IP addresses. We like cryptocurrency because of the tech and as long as it empowers EVERYONE to profit from decentralized products.

Ledger hardware wallet has announced it will be releasing a direct connect from self custody wallet to dApp is coming soon. This would be ground breaking for entire crypto community.

We would also like to inform users that Metamask uses Consensys. Solution is simple: Ethereum needs to figure out models for nodes as service.