ConsenSys choosing legal threats over pull requests

ConsenSys is a pretty dominant actor in cryptocurrency world but they are also notorious for sending notices over legal and intellectual property. Recently, they sent Tally Cash team an email where MetaMask team pointed out that Tally app was using MetaMask’s fox logo during onboarding process.

tally cash metamask

They added that ConsenSys has registered MetaMask logo and using their logo in app implies that Tally and they were working together. They asked Tally Cash team to remove the logo immediately to resolve this issue amicably.

So what did the Tally Cash team do? They replaced MetaMask logo with a dead dog picture. It looks hilarious and takes a pun at MetaMask’s fox logo.

Tally Cash is a Web3 wallet which is community-owned; governed by users and open source. Tally’s website claims it is first Web 3 wallet that is owned by users.

You can download it for your Chrome, Brave and Firefox browser for free. It is totally free and a great alternate to MetaMask wallet.

So, what does Tally does that MetaMask does not? Tally wallet offers everything that MetaMask offers but also adds read-only mode, wider token metadata, price discovery of tokens and claims to be faster. Tally team is also working to add built-in swapping feature and DAO to manage all proceeds.