Crypto scammer scams other scammers in bear markets

Cryptocurrency world is wild. This person previously bought $4.4M of $SOX from Sifu and got scammed for tokens purchased from scammer of project created by scammer. In other words, a scammer scamming other scammers.

Crypto scammer

Not only that, the same scammer scammed someone for nearly a million dollars worth of HyPC tokens. So, whose mistake is this? Well, it is the people not searching up an address before buying $1-million worth of tokens.

If you wonder what OTC deals in cryptocurrency looks like, well, both parties just agree on trusted escrow and then, seller makes use of a fake account in Telegram or Discord to impersonate them. Clearly, a simple scam.

How to make out a user gets scammed? Well, scammer’s address has been scamming projects using same method again and again by impersonating escrow to Telegram / Discord chat.

Only in web 3.0, a scammer can get scammed by another scammer. One continuous circle. Are scammers scamming other scammers because no-one else is left to be scammed in this crypto currency bear market? Highly likely. Scamception – this could be word of the day.