Binance wants 300,000 dollars from Digibyte team to list DGB

digibyte binance

Jared Tate, who founded Digibyte (DGB) blockchain explained to twitter why Binance won’t list DGB. Binance team wants 300,000 dollars to list Digibyte on its exchange. In addition to that, the exchange needs 3 percent of all DGB as an insurance for its customers against blockchain hacks and defects.

Jared Tate clearly told them it was not possible as Digibyte is very decentralized and its developers don’t have that kind of funds.

After explaining that they have zero funds and zero ability as decentralized project to meet such a request, they told them that they will get back to them. This is basically a polite way to rejecting Jared’s offer.

Few months back, we shared why Binance would not list Vertcoin.

For those who want to know why so few top exchanges list Digibyte, watch this video.