Cryptonator will not support Bitcoin Cash: No BCC support on Cryptonator

cryptonator bitcoin cash

Cryptonator, popular multi-currency wallet portal, has announced on their website that they would not be supporting the bitcoin cash, BCC. They say that there is no intention to support Bitcoin Cash fork immediately after the 1st of August as they have serious doubts if the Bitcoin Cash will survive or not. They add they have suspicions if bitcoin cash will boast any future market value.

Cryptonator says that if the Bitcoin Cash survives, the multi-currency wallet might consider adding it to their website. In that case, anyone that is holding Bitcoin balance on 31st of July 2017 will be given access to Bitcoin Cash. As said, earlier there are more chances of Cryptonator not supporting BCC than actually supporting it.

Cryptonator suggests its users to withdraw their money before 12PM UTC 31st July 2017. If, however, you do not care about bitcoin cash, then there is no action required from your side.

Also, all Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be put on hold starting 12:00 UTC 31.07.2017. Bitcoin transactions will be resumed once the main hash power chain is clearly established and the network is stable again. 

Other crypto currencies stored on Cryptonator would not have any effect and will continue to operate as usual.