What is Vertbase and why is it a big news for Vertcoin? Vertbase vs Vertpig–Vertbase launch date

Vertbase is an ambitious project that aims to provide a simple and secure way in purchasing Vertcoin with the US dollar. Think of it like a Coinbase but for Vertcoin. The experience is as simple as buying Bitcoin from Coinbase.


Vertcoin on Vertbase can be bought easily by accessing your bank account through their platform. Here is the best part –while the transactions can take upto 5 business days to complete, the price is locked in at the moment which is a huge plus over Coinbase.

Initial testing has already been done and today, the team behind Vertbase has opened doors to everyone in the public beta program.

Vertbase launch date

Starting September 1st 2018, you will be able to buy Vertcoin on vertbase in all US states except for these – AK, CT, HI, IA, ME, NC, NH, NM, NY, RI, VT and WA. Vertbase will be working to add the remaining ones in the supported list in future.

There are deposit and withdrawal limits to add better security but you can get higher account limits by reaching out their support.

It is possible to buy Vertcoin using either credit or debit card.

The team has hinted that they might add other coins in the future but for now, it is all about Vertcoin.

Difference between Vertbase and Vertpig

Do not confuse Vertbase with Vertpig which is another Vertcoin-related project. Vertpig is a full fledge cryptocurrency exchange which also lets you buy Vertcoin with fiat currency. However, Vertpig supports only GBP and EUR at the moment, while Vertbase supports only USD.