What is Hell Coin? Satan having its own cryptocurrency?


There is a massive rush of new cryptocurrencies and ICOs hitting the market. There is a new crytocurrency that wants to take everything to the extreme. The name is Hell Coin and it is already drawing substantial amount of invest from investors. It runs on Ethereum blockchain which means it is actually and ERC20 token.

The benefit of that is that the Hell Coin inherits the benefits of Ethereum such as fast and reliable transfers. The transfer fee is pretty less (but that depends on how much gas you are using). Other benefits include an array of rock-solid wallets such as MyEtherWallet and Mist that let you store your HELL safely.

The Hell Coin website says that the coin is made to ‘make you rich’ and ‘materialistic’. It is also supposed to ‘give you wings’ which clearly shows that team behind Hell Coin has a humor touch. The team is of course fictitious but that gives it a funny touch.

There are 10B HELL in total. Whether Satan would be pumped to have his own cryptocurrency is a matter of debate for sure. Regardless of the specifics of the Hell Coin, it will definitely make some waves in the cryptocurrency community.