Vertcoin Added on Bittylicious: Buy Vertcoin using GBP British Pounds

vertcoin gbp uk

Folks at Bittylicious have added Vertcoin (VTC) support which means you can now purchase Vertcoins directly, without buying Bitcoin or Ethereum. There is also no need to go to an exchange just to buy BTC/ETH first and then exchanage them for Vertcoins. It is possible to make the purchase on Bittylicious using bank transfer or credit card. Price is slightly higher when you buy Vertcoins using credit card due to higher transaction feeds.

Here are the steps for buying Vertcoin on Bittylicious:

First, you will need a Vertcoin address and for that, you would need a Vertcoin wallet. Fortunately, the official web wallet is excellent for such tasks. Just visit this website and register an account.

Then, go to receive tab on the web Vertcoin wallet to get your address. Enter this address on Bittylicious. Make sure you have selected Vertcoins from the drop down list.

Then make the purchase. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to buy them using bank transfer or credit / debit cards. Vertcoins will be sent to you as soon as you make the payment.

That is it – you just bought Vertcoins on bittylicious – without any trading exchange or bitcoins. Now hold onto those coins for profit.