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Guide: Understanding the Difference Between Crypto and NFT

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to read a lot about both NFTs and Crypto currencies. They have become very popular with many people wanting to get involved in these types of investments. However, they do share a lot of similarities which, therefore, can make it difficult to tell them apart. But even with many similarities they are completely different entities, and you can read more about how they are different in this article.


First Women blockchain conference to happen in 2023

First ever women-led blockchain conference will be happening in March 2023. Slated to take place in Cyprus, the platform aims to amplify underrepresented voices within blockchain, in order to give the skills and the confidence to anyone to blaze their own personal or professional trail within the metaverse.

Women blockchain conference

Bybit reduces withdrawal limit for non KYC users

Starting December 15th 2022, non KYC users will be able to withdraw mere $20000 unless they opt for KYC (know your customer). Previously, this was 2 BTC, which is about $34000 right now. Most of the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have enforced compulsory KYC on their platforms and Bybit was one of few to allow users to withdraw without doing any sort of KYC.

bybit kyc