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Recover funds from Litewallet – Extract Private Key from Litewallet – Litewallet Send Failed Not Connected error

Litewallet is officially endorsed as wallet of choice by, the website behind the Litecoin project. This wallet is amazing – simple and easy to use. But lately, a slew of users have been complaining about unable to send funds from Litewallet, getting Send Failed Not Connected error. The only way to access those lost funds is by extracting private key from Litewallet and pasting them in another cryptocurrency wallet.


Binance to impose sanctions on Russian cryptocurrency users

Binance has announced that it will be implementing a new set of restrictions on Russian users. Users from Russia will not be able to deposit crypto over 10,000 euro and this includes Russian nationals as well. If total value of crypto is less than 10,000 euro, there is no need to panic and your Binance account will function like it is doing right now.

binance russia

Top staking coins you should consider in 2022

best staking cryptocurrency 2022

Staking is when an individual locks up their crypto holdings for a certain period of time with the benefit of earning rewards. The use of cryptocurrencies nowadays makes us think about the evolution of currencies and payments in general. The idea of trading started around 3000BC. Later, humans invented coins in 600B.C., leading to paper money in the 7th century.


CronjeFinance smart contract contains rug code

smart contract rug

CronjeFinance was launched yesterday but some had already identified hard rug code which we were certain would be executed. This is a tomb fork that contains a recovery function, according to rugdoc’s twitter account. This tomb fork function allows governance to withdraw all staked tokens 90 days after poolEndTime.