Robinhood token RBH pumped more than 2000-percent

It’s often when we see websites and twitter accounts getting hacked. Earlier today, someone hacked Robinhood’s twitter account and announced RBH token. The tweet said “reminder, we are launching our new token RBH in the Binance Smart Chain. Will be live at 12AM EST and you can be amount the first to buy at starting price of $0.0005.” As you can already make out, there are many grammar mistakes which are not common on Robinhood’s twitter account. 

Robinhood token RBH

If that was not the dead giveaway, there was no similar announcement on announcements page on Robinhood’s website or on other social media accounts. ZachXBT was quick to react and said that the hacker funded the main RBH’s account via binance cryptocurrency exchange. CEO of Binance, CZ replied that he had already locked the account and doing investigations. 

A single tweet on twitter pumped the fake Robinhood token RBH by more than 2000-percent. Yes, that was what happens a lot of money enters an illiquid market. 

People who lose money on scams like these don’t deserve sympathy. if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. people want to be empowered to have control over their money, but the moment they fall for scams they look for others to blame.