Porta Network exit scams on users after doing AMA and just 5 days before mainnet launch

Porta Network that claims to make blockchain products accessible to everyone, just rug pulled on its users, stealing more than half million dollars, $0.6M to be precise, saying they lost funds in a robbery. They say that thieves were dressed as investors and stole funds from company’s wallet which were present in same room.

rug pull

Porta Network’s token KIAN is now worthless – just 5-days before mainnet launch. They drove prices steadily and used their investors as exit liquidity. Funny enough, they did an AMA (ask-me-anything) yesterday and never mentioned that due to robbery, they would not be able to keep project alive. Instead, they worked head in luring more and more investors to dump their worthless tokens on them for real money.

So what are the signs that this is a rug pull and not honest mistake? Well, pulling out liquidity and shutting down a project are clear signs of rug pull.

Also, Porta Network did not even have an audited smart contract and made excuses that they would get their smart contract verified and audited after token conversion.

One user on twitter said, “These motherf****s kept my coins locked in stalking pool for more than 2-months, and when I kept telling them I can’t withdraw my coins they kept saying that it’s the fault of smart contract and you would be able to withdraw after 4th April 20222. Shane you wont consume my hard earned money so easily.