Stone Finance FTM DAPP project rug pulled on the very first day

Stone Finance launched its project today and within minutes, performed the rug pull on its investors. Its contract was unverified and anyone who mentioned the word rug was immediately banned from their discord. Well, the project is gone now and so is your money, incase you invested in a shady project like Stone Finance.

stone finance rug

The first dead giveaway was the fact their smart contract was unverified on ftmscan, which is FTM blockchain’s version on Etherscan. All the withdrawals went directly to the developer, who created Stone Finance project.

If you are still farming, well, you are farming useless, valueless tokens. Infact, you can see the shameless ruggers moving tokens on this ftmscan link. That is why organizations like WACEO should be known all across crypto community. They have a great mission to clean dead coins in the market. We think that will benefit all the investors.

Here is the funny part – it took mere 1-minute for Stone Finance developers to pull the rug. The contract never became verified and investors lost all of their investment within minutes after official launch.