One Game Airdrop for Deep Brain Chain holders: How to claim OGT token airdrop using DBC?

one game ogt airdrop dbc

Deep Brain Chain (DBC), a Neo token can get you free One Game (OGT) tokens. In this article, we will explain how to claim them. Deep Brain Chain is artificial intelligence computing platform that is blockchain driven and aims to solve computing power cost and data privacy.

How to claim One Game airdrop?

1. Make sure you have bought Deep Brain Chain. If not, you can buy it on Buy a little Gas as well.

2. Transfer your Deep Brain Chain and gas to a non exchange wallet like Neon or Alternatively, you can create Neo paper wallet and use address and private key on neon or neotracker. Make sure to store your address and private key in a safe location. If you loose it, you will never be able to access your coins. Make sure there is little gas as well in the wallet.

2. Register your wallet on Deep Brain Chain website. There is a signup button on the top right corner. While registering, only use alphabets and numbers in your password. You will get a verification email so make sure you verify your account.

3. After registering, fill contact information here. Click on “My information” and Enter your name, phone number and zipcode and click on submit. Then, click on “my account” and enter your NEO address that you made in neotracker or neon wallet. Click on Verify and use the wallet to send small amount of DBC to complete wallet verification.

4. Once your NEO wallet address is verified, enter ERC20 address. This is where you will get your OGT tokens. If you don’t have one, you can create ERC20 address at myetherwallet.

That is it. Average of your Deep Brain Chain tokens will be calculated from June 11th – June 30th 2018 and airdrops will be sent in 5:1 ratio. So if you have 500 DBC, you get 100 OGT tokens.