Okex.com How to withdraw BTC? Withdraw Bitcoin from Okex

okex bitcoin cash withdrawal

Okex.com is a popular Chinese exchange but there are no clear instructions on how to withdraw BTC. A lot of people deposited their bitcoin on Okex for getting the free bitcoin cash but now are unable to find a way to withdraw BTC from Olex.com. For that, follow the instructions given below.

Make sure you are logged in to Okex.com. Then, click on Accounts and in the Future Account section, click on Transfer. The thing with Okex is the amount to be transferred must be in Spot account. The Bitcoin you transferred prior July 1st 2017 went to the Future account. So you need to click on the Transfer link and enter the entire bitcoin amount you have.

transfer bitcoin okex

Bitcoins stored in Future account are not transferrable. Also, you need to ensure that you have claimed the free BCC before you click on the Transfer button. The transfer is done instantly. And now you can click on the Withdraw button.

okex bitcoin cash withdraw

Now you have to add an address. Add your bitcoin address. We suggest having address at CEX.io as we find it easiest to use but you can use any bitcoin address. Enter it as follows:

Withdrawal address: Your bitcoin address
Tag: Call it anything
Mobile / Google Authentication code: I suggest using Google Authentication.

Then click ok. After that, enter the amount. For some reason, you can only enter first three digits after 0. Click on Withdraw and your request will be lodged successfully. Since all withdrawals are processed manually, it can take some time.

It was excellent watching some exchanges supporting bitcoin cash since some more popular ones like bitpanda straight away denied giving users their free BCC.