Nano currency gets privacy tech with Nano Purse

Nano is fastest cryptocurrency out there. Today, a new service called Nano Purse has popped up that is a hosted service that adds privacy for Nano transactions.

nano purse

While Nano is a public blockchain that is readable by anyone, Nano Purse lets you hide it by sending Nano from a random account which is totally unrelated to your account.

So how does the Nano Purse work?

1. You tell them the recipient address and the amount you want to send.
2. They provide a different address and a total amount including a small fee.
3. You send Nano to the provided address.
4. Within a few seconds, they pay the final recipient from an unrelated account while taking other steps in the background to protect your account’s identify.

Nano Purse is ideal for individuals who are not comfortable in sharing their address and balance with the receiver.

Just keep in mind that unlike normal Nano transactions, the ones made using this service are not free. 0.1 percent fee is added to amount you are trying to send.

One user on reddit has shown concern that Nano Purse is taking wrong approach. He says “Other sites like this have been taken down already because they are providing money laundering services in the eyes of law. Either move this into the darknet right away or see it being taken down soon.”